Our Values

Serve a Need
Self-storage is driven by the ebbs and flows of life.  It could be a small business experiencing sudden growth, a couple moving in together, a home under renovation, a parent passing away, children moving back home.  There are many life situations which result in the need for temporary storage.
Cater to an Undersupplied Market
Until recently, self-storage construction was focused on rural areas which still have the highest levels of self-storage per person in the United States.  The urban and suburban markets we serve are significantly undersupplied to meet their residents’ self-storage needs.
Create the Best in Class Facility
Did you know almost 75% of renters are women?  Furniture, pictures, and clothing are the most common item stored by residential customers.  Paper files, office equipment, and excess inventory are the most common for commercial customers.  These items require air conditioning to prevent mold and moisture damage, which most self-storage facilities do not provide.  Women prefer well-lit and active environments for their personal safety.  Highland Development Ventures believes the storage industry has been building the wrong types of facilities in the wrong locations for decades.  The following are key attributes we focus on for developing new self-storage facilities:
Our facilities are designed to allow customers to drive into the building and load/unload their vehicles within a safe interior air conditioned and heated environment.  Where possible, tenants can drive though the building, maximizing convenience and safety and minimizing travel distances.
We believe a facility’s appearance is an opportunity to draw attention, create curb appeal, convey quality, and make a positive impression on potential customers.  Unlike our competitors, we believe a self-storage facility should have an inviting retail look.  For instance, by incorporating features such as glass enclosed loading areas we create visual interest and street level activity.  
Although self-storage facilities are often found on a web search, convenient easily visible locations are still necessary.  Customers are typically going through one of life’s transitions which results in a need for temporary storage.  They are more likely to choose a facility that they have seen, have a positive impression of, and is in an area they already frequent.  In fact, about half of self-storage customers live within 10 minutes of the facility where they rent.
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